5 Reasons Why You Need Multiple Black Tank Tops in Your Closet

Black tank tops for women have to be one of the most underrated garments. We all own them but don’t really realize their full potential. We’re talking about those simple black tank tops like those racerback ones or the knit ones. A solid black tank top is an essential that deserves more recognition. 

Here’s why:

They are Super Versatile

If you own a solid black tank top made of a stretchy material, you probably just wear it around the home or when running errands like groceries. But did you know that you could even wear it on your night out? You could even wear it on a date.

It’s called styling, people. Look it up! Yes, black tank tops for women can be styled for more serious looks with the right separates. 

Going to a party? Wear a draped or pleated skirt with it. The Pleated High Waist Split Layered Skirt would look bomb with a basic black tank. 

Going out with the girls? How about a pair of boyfriend jeans and a baggy shirt like the Buttoned Dropped Shoulder Knit Shirt tied around your waist over the tank top? You’re welcome. 

They are Super Comfortable (At Least Those Cotton Tank Tops)

Reason number two to love them should be reason enough for most women. Yes, they are super comfortable, especially those that have some cotton in their composition. Whether it’s all cotton or a cotton-poly blend, it will keep you comfortable all day long. 

The Sew in Love Full-Size Tank is one such comfy black tank top!

They Don’t Get Dirty Quickly

Unlike your whites or colors, blacks don’t get stained or dirty quickly. In other words, you can wear the good old black tank top a few times before throwing it into the washing machine. Better yet, you can even wash it with your hands as it’s just so small in size. 

That ought to be a good reason for women who are environmentally conscious and like to do laundry less often to save water and electricity. Again, you’re welcome!

They Take Very Little Space

When you’re traveling, tank tops take very little space in your luggage. You can even carry one in your day tote at all times, should you even need a top change in an emergency. But seriously, if you’re a light packer, you should consider packing in some black tank tops. 

And no, they don’t have to be all basic ones. Keep something a little fancier, too, like the Plunge Ribbed Lace Tank Top. Such a tank top you can wear to a dinner or club. 

They Can Be Layered Under Jackets and Blazers

Got a ‘main character’ energy blazer or jacket that you want to be the highlight of your dress? Wear it over a simple black tank top. Unlike a shirt or blouse, the tank top will not feel bulky under the jacket or blazer. Also, since it’s so basic, it just fades into the backdrop, and you can rock your outerwear freely.

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