5 Ways to Use a T-Shirt in Formal and Evening Outfits

What is the one garment you cannot live without? The answer would probably be a t-shirt for many. While we wear tees while lounging at home, going to the park, working out at the gym, and running never-ending errands, many women think of t-shirts as too casual for evening wear. 

So they would naturally go for a fancy top or dress, but a t-shirt can easily be incorporated into a formal or evening outfit with some tricks and hacks. 

Of course, it also depends on the t-shirt, whether it’s solid, graphic, printed, or textured. However, the gist is that you can create high-fashion looks with t-shirts and wear them to parties, clubs, as well as formal events. In fact, t-shirts have even become a common sight on runways, with designers using them for branding. 

So without further ado, here are five ways to make t-shirts appropriate for evening affairs:


Layer with a blazer

This trend has been going on for a while now and is inspired by menswear. Men frequently wear t-shirts with fitted suits and sneakers for the contemporary business casual look. Women can do the same. In fact, take it up a notch further with jewelry and accessories. 

Just find a solid or patterned blazer in your closet that compliments the color of the t-shirt. Of course, a solid black blazer in silk or polyester would look great with any color. But you can also combine textures such as checks or houndstooth fabric blazers with solid tees with or without graphic print. 

Similarly, you can also layer a t-shirt under a full pantsuit. With t-shirts, go for a loose, slouchy silhouette. You can wear it with sneakers or give it some edginess with a pair of heels. 

Look Inspiration: The Sweet Claire Celestial Skies Graphic Tee can be layered with the Plaid Padded Shoulder Blazer

Pair with tailored pants

The casual vibe of the tee can cleverly be balanced with the formal vibes of a

good pair of tailored pants. Tuck in the t-shirt, add a narrow belt with a simple closure, and you have yourself a classy, business casual look that you can even attend a board meeting in. 

For shoes, you should, again, keep things formal. So go for pumps or mules, finding a heel length that’s comfortable for you. 

If it’s a work-related affair, go with a solid tee with no graphic or pattern details. You can go conservative with the color and go basic like white or black. Alternatively, you can incorporate some color into the tee, and instead, go with black or white pants. 

Straight-leg pants or wide-leg pants both can work great with t-shirts. Balance the fit of the pants with the fit of the t-shirt accordingly. 

Look Inspiration: Pair the High Low Round Neck Tee with Drawstring Elastic Straight Leg Pants for a casual evening look. 

Add Stacked Necklaces

When in doubt, go with jewelry. You probably think a tee is too casual to be worn with anything other than some stone studs or hoops, but that’s not the case. Statement pieces with casual tops like tees or shirts have become a common sight. 

That’s the magic of jewelry; it can elevate even the most basic of outfits. So if you’re going out at night and feel like wearing a flowy, comfy tee, you can wear it worry-free and style with some chic necklace stacking. 

Now, necklace stacking is basically wearing multiple necklaces. However, you can also wear something chunky or long. It doesn’t have to be multi-chain. 

When finding jewelry to go with your t-shirt look, pay attention to the colors. If the t-shirt is printed, you can probably make do with something simple like a Cuban chain or stone pendant. For solid t-shirts, you can take the boho-chic route and add some beads or abstract pendants. 

Look Inspiration: Cow Print Raglan Sleeve Tee with LA3accessories Heart of Gold Three-Layer Necklace

Pair with a Maxi Skirt

This look has a more casual day vibe, but it can also work for evening events. The long length of the maxi dress adds a touch of formalness, making it appropriate for anything from a dinner to a red carpet event. 

Just pick any t-shirt you love and pair it with a flowy maxi skirt, preferably one with a lot of volume in the silhouette. Tuck in the shirt and add some jewelry pieces to finish the look. 

The tee’s fit can be relaxed but don’t go with a loose or oversized fit as that will not bode well with the flowy silhouette of the skirt. 

Look Inspiration: The Printed Two-Tone Round Neck Tee can be paired with the vibrant Printed A-Line Maxi Skirt. Even though both are printed, the prints don’t clash with each other. This skirt can also be paired with a simple white solid tee. 

Add a Belt

No, we are not talking about adding a belt to your pants, but to the actual t-shirt. This can work with both fitted and loose t-shirts. But for the latter, go with wide belts. If you have an oversized tee that extends all the way to your thighs, you can even turn it into a dress by simply adding a belt at the waist. 

Because you want a more formal vibe, keep the choice of your belt simple. Black or colored leather with a gold or brass finish buckle can never go wrong. 

Even if you’re pairing the t-shirt with a pair of pants or a skirt, you can add a belt at the waist to create the hourglass silhouette. 

Look Inspiration: Flounce Cuff Crew Neck Tee can be paired with a narrow leather belt. The Leopard and Snakeskin Baseball Tee can be cinched in with a matching snakeskin leather belt.

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