How To Stand Out This Fall? Key Fall Fashion Trends

How To Stand Out This Fall? Key Fall Fashion Trends

While summer enjoys the reputation of the fun season, fall is definitely fashion’s favorite. With multiple layers of clothing, it’s the season where trends matter. That said, everyone simply wants to stand out from the crowd. 

In fall and winters, you also have to pay attention to the functionality of apparel and shoes, and not just follow what’s in trend. So ultimately, it’s a mix of your personal style, trends from the runway, and most importantly, what the weather is like where you live. 

In this post, we’ll look at key fall fashion trends for 2021 that you can easily incorporate into your outfits without losing your individuality. 

Leather Blazers/Coats

Leather jackets are timeless, and we all know that. But what’s been making rounds on the runway are leather blazers and coats. Yes, those long-length leather blazers can easily be the star of the show. 

What really sets a leather blazer apart is that you can pair it with something simple to turn out a bold look. The leather does all the work for your outfit, so something as basic as a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt can become outstanding. And isn’t that the goal?

Our Tie Waist Leather Trench Coat, in its unique dark coffee color, is the perfect choice for this trend. With wide lapel collars, the vegan leather is not that heavyweight, making it suitable even for those early fall days that aren’t that cold. You can pair it with separates or wear it on top of a fitted mini dress. 

Architectural Designs

If fall runways are anything to go by, it’s clear that designers are dabbling with architecture a lot lately. Manipulated fabric, haphazard lines, and textural play have been a common sight on fall 2021 runways. And it’s one of those trends that are simply out-of-the-box. 

When shopping for your fall wardrobe, don’t forget to invest in a dress or top with some architectural designs. It could be anything a little unconventional that gives an Avante-Garde feel with its construction and design. 

The Dream Architect Mixed Print Shirt Dress is a great example of what an architectural design can be. It’s not overly complex as it simply uses multiple fabrics with contrasting colors and textures. That very contrast gives it more design depth, making it an instant attention-grabber. 

Another architectural piece from our collection is the Dream Architect Ruched Assymetric Dress, which is no less than a work of art. It’s essentially a shirt dress draped to create assymetric lines and hem. Even the colors, powder pink and black, scream fall!

Printed Pants

For this fall, if you want to add colors or prints to your outfit, go crazy with the pants. As most of the time, you’ll want to cover your legs when going out because of the weather, it makes sense to make things a bit more fun. Relaxed, flared pants with fun prints are all the rage these days. 

For such pants, stick with lighter fabrics. That way, you can even use them in spring and summer. As for the prints, go with something that suits your personal style. If you’re more of a minimalist, stripes are classy and always look good like the Judy Blue Striped Pants. If you’re into street fashion, go with vibrant prints in baggy silhouettes. 

You can even carry this trend into athleisure wear, sporting printed joggers and leggings with solid tops. 

Vests Without Top

Leather vests, sweater vests, and fleece vests are all in vogue, and this time on their own. One of the most eye-catching trends of fall 2021 is vests without any tops, worn with loose jeans. It’s a mix of street and boho fashion that may not be for everyone but certainly looks quite cool, literally, because it’s not the coziest with your arms exposed. 

That said, the best choice would be a knit vest that can keep you warm on those chilly days. If the vest is too baggy, you can cinch it in with a leather belt. That’s another trend with knit tops and dresses these days. 

And don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with the vests. Go for colors in favor of the usual fall shades of black, beige, and fawn. For instance, the Color Block Sweater Vest in subtle pastels is a fresh take on traditional cable knit vests, using colors that are normally for the spring. Because, why not?

Knit Dresses

Knit dresses have been around for a long time, ever since the 40s when Emilio Pucci made jersey knit fashionable and in the 60s when Missoni created the zig-zag pattern knit. However, these dresses have been trending for several fall seasons now. 

While most knit dresses are rather skin-hugging, the new trend is all about cozy knits with relaxed silhouettes. 

The thing about these dresses is that they are quite versatile, and there’s so much accessorizing you can do to make them your own. You can wear thigh-high boots for a quintessential winter look or throw on some elaborate necklaces to give it a party feel. 

Our favorite this season is the Cable Knit Trim Rib Sweater Dress that combines two distinct knit textures in one dress. It’s also versatile as the fit is relaxed but can be cinched in with a belt to create a flattering feminine look. 

You can create simple yet fashionable looks with these dresses, suitable for multiple occasions. 

Wrap Up

Don’t just follow every trend. Pick the ones that go well with your personal style and make you feel great. These five trends are definitely worth trying because they can suit any kind of style aesthetic. 

To create outstanding looks this fall season, don’t forget to give the trends your own twist. There’s nothing wrong with either following trends or doing your own thing. But how about you do a little bit of both? Now that’s a woman who knows fashion in and out!

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