How To Style With Statement Jewelry The Right Way

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How To Style With Statement Jewelry The Right Way

Statement jewelry is everything! It can elevate even the most boring outfits and make them glam. But statement jewelry can be challenging to style, as it’s easy to go a little overboard with it. 

There are some tips and tricks that come in handy when wearing such elaborate, design-focused jewelry pieces that often serve as the highlight of your look. Also, the trends keep changing in jewelry, so you may also be working with styles you’ve never worn before. 

Figure Out Your Own Style

Much like apparel, the jewelry should also represent who you are. Following trends is one thing, but it’s equally important to show some of your personal style. Believe it or not, statement jewelry can be a great way to do that. 

Most people think such jewelry pieces are super flashy and serve glamour and high fashion. That’s far from the truth. Statement jewelry, at its very core, is about self-representation. So it can really be anything that defines your personality. 

So figure out what your taste in jewelry is and what represents your style. For instance, if you have a creative personality, boho-chic pieces like a Multicolor Beaded Necklace with abstract designs and unconventional materials will suit you just fine. 

Bigger isn’t Always Better

Many women think big and chunky when they think about statement jewelry, but that’s nothing but a misconception. Yes, statement jewelry often is big and elaborate, but you can also easily find small and minimalistic pieces that also make a strong impression. 

Going back to what this kind of jewelry is about, if your style is minimalistic, you can definitely rock minimalistic pieces with a little bit of that wow factor. For instance, the trendy Safety Pin bracelets are not at all big or heavy, but they make a bold statement with their unique design inspiration. 

That said, you shouldn’t shy away from those big necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. No matter what your personal style is, sometimes it’s good to go outside your comfort zone and surprise people. Especially if you’re someone who always goes back to the basics, heading out with something like a wide choker or multiple chain bracelet can get all eyes on you. 

Here are some tips for styling those big statement jewelry pieces:

  • Play With Textures: Bigger jewelry pieces have more room to play with materials and textures, so go for something that has multiple materials and finishes. 
  • Don’t Forget Your Outfit: Do those giant sparkly earrings go with your outfit? Is the long beaded necklace coming in the way of a beautiful neckline? Make sure that the jewelry works with your outfit. 
  • Balance it Out: Avoid wearing too many big statement jewelry pieces. In most cases, two is the magic number! You can always complement these with petite jewelry. 
  • Think Comfort: They say fashion hurts but does it really have to? Make sure the jewelry, however big, isn’t too heavy or has allergic materials. 

Don’t be Afraid to Stack

Ok, this is one styling area that isn’t everybody’s forte. Ladies, when it comes to stacking and layering jewelry, it’s easier to go over. And for statement jewelry, stacking becomes even more challenging. But it’s not impossible!

If you’re a jewelry fan and just can’t get enough of them, don’t shy away from wearing some more. As long as the pieces complement each other, you yourself feel great, and you’re not committing a fashion crime, you’re good. That does sound like a tall order, but with some tips, you’re all set. 

  • Pair big necklaces with simpler chains
  • Use simpler chains with just one statement pendant
  • Combine studs with statement hoops or dangling earrings
  • Play with textures and materials when it comes to layering bracelets and necklaces
  • Go crazy with the rings if you’re a ring enthusiast!

Still unsure how to stack statement pieces? Go for stacked jewelry designs that don’t really require much styling on your part. The Butterfly Stacked Star Necklaces are a great example of such jewelry. It combines two different styles of gold-plated chains, with only one sporting the butterfly and star charms.

Pay Attention to Colors

Often times jewelry is used to add colors to the outfit. If you’re wearing black or white, you can easily bring some color into your outfit with some stones or beads. But pay attention to the colors to see if they really work for your look. 

Statement jewelry is often heavy on the colors, so choose according to the colors of your outfit and shoes. 

Too much color can look chaotic, which is fine if you’re intentionally going for such a look. However, in most cases, you want just a few colors in your jewelry, not too many. 

Casual Statement Jewelry is a Thing

Ladies, we need to say goodbye to the notion that statement jewelry pieces are just for parties, weddings, and red carpets. Who made that rule? Is it even a rule?

Statement jewelry can be incorporated into casual looks as well, especially those boho-chic and geometric pieces that aren’t always very big or heavy. In fact, statement jewelry can make casual outfits more fashionable. 

If you’re someone who prefers wearing casual outfits even when going out on a date, just use some of those intricately designed pieces that add a touch of fancy to your style. 

Our Hollow-Out Floral earrings are the perfect accessory to wear with both casual and evening wear. The heart-shaped stud paired with a cut-out daisy in blue is the perfect example of casual statement jewelry. 

When it comes to styling statement pieces in jewelry, keep in mind that they should represent you, even if it’s something trendy. Also, it can be minimal and small in size. You can combine several statement pieces as long as it doesn’t look too over the top. 

With these tips and suggestions in mind, anyone can take their jewelry game to the next level and style statement pieces in a way that they don’t upstage the look, rather complement it. Now, you’re trained to be a statement jewelry diva!

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