Tank Tops for Women Styling Hacks

Every summer there are new fashion trends dominating the market. However, tank tops are one of the timeless fashion trends which remains popular every year.

This summer of 2022 tank tops is still popular. Everyone loves a tank top because of its style and comfort. If you have decided to base your summer looks around tank tops then you are at the right place. We will share with you some tank top styling hacks perfect for summer. 

One Tank Top For All Looks

Tank tops are a summer must-have. There is nothing like classic white tank tops for women to style themselves with. A classic tank top can be styled with a blazer and some accessories. 

At Jenston Girl you can get the classic white tank tops for women or any other plain tank top you prefer. You can pair your plain tank top with basically any jeans, shorts or skirt which you like.

You can choose from the Solid Sports Tank Top, Jenston Girl Scallop Edge Tank Top, Rib-Knit Tank Top With Detachable Detail, or any other plain tank top that matches your style.

After you have chosen your preferred tank top, you can choose between wearing shorts, trousers, skirt or jeans. Plain tank tops are perfect for any event whether it is for an outing or going to get grocery this outfit hack works for practically any situation

Turn Tank Top To a Crop Top

Want a multi-purpose tank top? Look no further. You can turn your tank top into a crop with just a few simple steps.

It is not as difficult as you may think it is. First, you need to decide which tank top you want to try this hack on. To get a beautiful style you can try this hack with Jenston Girl Ruffle Spaghetti Strap Tank Top or Jenston Girl Round Neck Ribbed Tank Top.

The first step is to wear your tank top after which you have to remove one arm. Pull the free strap over and under the bottom of the tank top. Then, reattach the strap. Tadah! Your tank top is now a crop top. This tank top to crop top is a quick hack for a stylish day-to-night look. 

Accessorize Your Tank Top

2022 brings a trend of letting your creativity design your fit for you. It is all about customization and looking unique. In this hack, you will learn how to transform your tank top with just basic accessories. 

Try this hack with a Jenston Girl Basic Knit Tank Top and a chain belt. Step one is to pull the chain belt through the straps of your tank top. It should be hanging on it. Then, open the top of the tank top and push your head through.

Let the top lie flat on your body. Pull the ends of the chain belt underneath your arms toward the front, then slip them through the armholes of the tank top so that they are now hanging down on the inside.

The last step is to grab the bottom of the tank top with the end of the belt, pull both sides toward your back, and secure or knot it.

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