The Most Jaw-Dropping Heels for Fall 2021

The Most Jaw-Dropping Heels for Fall 2021

Heels have a controversial reputation in women’s fashion. While they exude power and elegance, they don’t always prioritize comfort. That said, every woman needs a few pairs of heels in her closet to create some fierce looks that leave people awestruck. 

Lucky for you, this fall season is bringing with it some crazy shoe trends, from the TikTok famous platform Mary Janes to open-toe lace boots. It’s clear that this season it’s acceptable to go a little extra with your shoe game, and why not? After being locked in for the better part of the year, ladies, it’s time to slay!

So without further ado, let’s list down some of the hottest heels for the fall season:

Unconventional Heel Shapes

One of the biggest trends of 2021 has been unconventional shaped heels, whether high or low. While square heels have been popular for several seasons, now we are seeing other shapes taking the reigns as well. 

Top brands showed some spectacular heels on runways this past fashion week. Of course, Instagram and TikTok followed suit with women showing off their edgy heels. 

If you’re one of those women who have to have the latest trends in shoes, this is the one to beat. The good thing is that these heels aren’t necessarily very high, which allows them to be wearable even for women who don’t usually prefer wearing high heels. 

So what are some of these unconventional shapes? Well, the most popular right now is the one that looks like a chess piece. It’s narrow with a square bottom, giving more stability to the heel. 

Our Transparent Strange High Heels Sandals have the same trendy heel you’ll see everyone wearing. 

Another popular heel shape is the trapezoid shape that is slightly squarish with its edges protruding outwards. This type of heel is low to medium in height, making it comfortable to wear all day long. Our Cross-Tied Strange Heels Square Toe Lace-Up Sandals have a similar heel wrapped with faux suede to match the straps. 

Multi-Color Strap Heels

It’s never wrong to play with colors when it comes to shoes, especially those strappy high heels. For shoes, ladies often go with the usual blacks and beiges, and for something fancier, they go chrome or gold. 

Well, those usual colors are out the door this season, as color-blocked straps are all the rage now. The intertwined straps boasting striking contrast with colors easily draw the focus to the shoes. That means such heels can easily enhance any outfit. 

If you think these types of heels are made just for you, take a look at our Ankle Buckle Strap Platform Stilletos. These ravishing heels in bright yellow and blue create a juxtaposition of straps that make your look appear high fashion without much effort. 

Lace-Up Open-Toe Heels

These shoes have always been bold, and they are back this season in a big way. Think of it as a cross between boots and stilettos. With open toes and high heels, these look like your traditional pencil-heel sandals. But the ankle-length coverage with laces along the length give them the boots vibe. 

The catch is that these lace-up open-toe heels work well with only a handful of outfits. These can look great with a short dress, a midi dress, or a short skirt. Any silhouette that ends a little above the ankles will suit these shoes as they will be on display properly. 

As these heels have become very trendy, there’s just so much variety in terms of textures and styles. There are printed ones, mesh ones, strap ones, you name it!

Putting on these shoes is no different than wearing lace-up boots. However, don’t just regard the lace-up closure as a drag just yet. This lace-up closure allows these shoes to provide a custom, adjustable fit. And with your feet and ankles wrapped, you can even dare to go with some pretty high heels. 

The best example of this heel trend is the Lace-Up Cross-tied Peep Toe Hollow Out Booties. These strappy heels feature a narrow lace closure with metal loops. 

Another unforgettable pair of heels is the Peep Toe Lace-Up Cross-Tied Roman Ankle Boots. These open-toe boots feature a colorful pattern with a snakeskin texture. Does it get any more fashionable than this?

Straw/Rattan Wedge Heels

For those who are not a fan of stilettos, the rattan wedge heels are the way to go. These shoes have been in and out of trend many times with designers giving them a unique twist every time. This just further solidifies the saying that never throw anything away because fashion repeats itself. 

Well, guess what? Rattan and straw wrapped high wedges are back in the game! The good thing is it doesn’t even have to be rattan or jute, as many shoes are also using synthetic ropes to give the same effect. While rattan is definitely more sustainable, the rope heels are a little less pricey. 

If you want some inspiration for these shoes, the Straw Rope Weaving Thick Bottom Platform Heels with their printed twilly bows will give you a taste of how fashionable such shoes can be. 

Transparent Heels

A few seasons ago, we had entirely transparent shoes. This season, it’s just the heels. And that’s great because transparent upper can easily be a miss and rarely a hit, despite the pedicures. 

Nevertheless, transparent heels in both conventional and strange shapes are the fashion pick of the season, and they might continue to rule well into the spring and summer seasons. So you may just want to invest in a pair. 

Our Transparent Cyrstal Square Heels Sandals are the perfect embodiment of what transparent heels can bring to your style. As these are transparent, the heel can go well with any design or color on the upper of the shoe. 

So for all the high heel stans out there looking for some ideas and trends this season, the above five heels/shoes can transform you into a fashionable diva effortlessly.

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