The Only Style Guide You Need to Wear a Cami Top

A cami top or camisole top is one of the most elegant top choices for women. Traditionally, it’s supposed to be loose and flowy, but fitted cuts are also popular. Unlike a tank top, cami tops are more versatile as these can also work for formal or evening outfits. In fact, you can even wear them to work with the right pairing and minimal accessories. 

So if you’re someone who loves cami tops, you will find all the styling tips in this post. It gets really easy when you pay attention to the colors, fabrics, and cut. Of course, where you’re heading also has a say in the matter. 

Work Outfit with Cami Top

The Only Style Guide You Need to Wear a Cami Top - Jenston Girl

Cami tops can fit into your work capsule wardrobe easily. In fact, you should add at least two cami tops in your work outfits rotations, pairing them with different bottoms to create even more looks. 

They are super comfortable to wear and appropriate for work. Here are some tips for styling a cami top for work:

  • Go for one with slightly wider straps. 
  • Tuck it in whether you’re wearing it with a skirt or pants. 
  • As cami tops usually have a relaxed fit, you can balance them with fitted pants or a pencil skirt. 
  • Avoid wearing a cami with a plunging neckline, as that would be inappropriate for the workplace. 
  • In terms of colors, black and white are classics and can work better in a more formal corporate setting, but for other types of workplaces with a more laid-back vibe, any color would be great. 
  • Choose the material according to the weather, i.e., light and breathable for summers and medium-weight for winters. 
  • For a more professional look, layer the cami top with a blazer.

The Eyelash Lace Trim Cami Top and the Button Up Strappy Cami Top are great choices for work outfits. 

Casual Day Looks with Cami Tops

Camisole tops are generally seen as casual wear, so it goes without saying that you can create some fun looks with a cami top. Whether you’re going out for brunch or heading to the store to buy some groceries, this kind of top combines comfort with just the right amount of style. Who says you cannot look great running errands?

For casual daytime looks, the sky is the limit with cami tops. Anything from knit to cotton to satin will do. However, comfort should be your priority, so go for something you know you’d be comfortable in. 

Here are styling tips to get an effortlessly casual look with a cami top:

The Only Style Guide You Need to Wear a Cami Top - Jenston Girl
  • Camis pair well with all sorts of casual bottoms like jeans, denim shorts, micro shorts, short skirts, joggers, etc. 
  • Choose one with adjustable straps, so you can adjust them to a comfortable fit. 
  • Relaxed fit over tight, as a loose cami top will add to the comfort. 
  • Go with breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk when going out in a cami top. 
  • Printed cami tops can be used to add some colors to the outfit, especially when wearing with basic dark or washed denim pants. 
  • Pair high-waisted bottoms with cropped cami tops. 

Multicolor Knitted Cami Top, Leopard Print Cami Top, and Ruffled V-Neck Cami are all examples of casual cami tops you can also dress up with some accessories. 

Evening Looks with Cami Tops

Yes, cami tops can also be fancy enough to be worn for any evening affair, from date night to a girl’s night out, any occasion that calls for something extra special. This is one of the best qualities of cami tops that they can be dressed up easily. 

Now, there are plenty of printed and embroidered options you can use for an evening look. Particularly, those camisole tops with lace trims pack in enough elegance to be appropriate for an evening or formal outfit. 

We have even seen celebrities rocking such tops on red carpets, so who is stopping you?

Here are some styling tips for cami tops to create exceptional evening outfits:

  • Go with luxurious materials like silk to add a touch of luxury. 
  • Elevate solid cami tops with jewelry like a gold chain or diamond pendant. 
  • Avoid going with too loose of a fit. 
  • For a more formal look, pair with straight leg or wide leg silk brocade or cotton pants in solid, preferably white or black. 
  • For a more flamboyant feel, pair with a maxi skirt, and if the cami top is long, tuck it inside the skirt. 
  • During winters, layer the cami top with a cardigan or coat.

The Lace Back Cami and the Buttoned Textured Camisole are perfect choices for any evening affair where you want to look elegant yet bold. 

More Tips for Wearing Cami Tops

  • Camis are usually loose in terms of fit, so you don’t necessarily need to go a size under. 
  • Avoid layering anything over the cami top, especially those with patterns or trims, unless you’re going for a specific look or it’s cold outside. 
  • Strapless bras are the best choice to wear under a cami tops, but you can also go for a thin strap one. 
  • Any casual cami top can be dressed up with a necklace and some earrings. 
  • Pay attention to the washing instructions– handwash the lace or silk ones.

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