Time to Clean Out Your Closet!

These 7 Pant Trends Are Officially Out of Style!

It's that time of year again! Time to clean out your closet and get rid of all those outdated pieces you've been hanging on to. But before you start hauling everything to the nearest consignment shop, take a moment to read this. We'll tell you which 7 pant trends are officially out of style and give you some stylish alternatives that are sure to be all the rage in 2023.

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1. Cropped pants are a thing of the past.

If your pants are showing a little ankle, it's time to let them go. Instead, opt for a full-length pant that hits at or just below the ankle. Not only is this a more flattering look for most women, but it's also much more versatile. You can wear these pants with flats or heels, and they'll always look chic.

2. Skinny jeans have had their day.

It's time to say goodbye to those constricting denim trousers and hello to wide-leg jeans! This silhouette is comfortable, flattering, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you choose a pair of distressed denim or something a little more refined, wide-leg jeans are sure to become your new go-to pant.

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3. Bell bottoms are no longer in vogue.

While they may have been trendy in the 1970s, today's fashionistas are leaving these flares behind in favor of straight-leg or wide-leg trousers. This updated silhouette is much more modern and flattering, so it's time to say goodbye to those old bell bottoms collecting dust in your closet.

4. Jumpsuits are no longer fashionable.

While they may have been trendy a few years ago, today's fashionistas have moved on to other silhouettes. If you're still holding onto that jumpsuit from 2017, it's time to let it go! Instead, try pairing a blouse with a nice pair of trousers or a skirt. This look is much more polished and put-together than a jumpsuit ever could be.

5. Leggings are no longer considered pants.

While they may be comfortable, leggings are not appropriate for every occasion. If you want to wear something comfortable but still look put-together, try opting for a pair of joggers or sweatpants instead. These items are just as comfortable as leggings but offer a bit more coverage and look slightly more refined.

6 . Shorts are no longer in style.

While they may be comfortable in the summer heat, today ' s fashionistas prefer pants that offer a bit more coverage. If you want to stay cool while still looking chic, try opting for a pair of cropped trousers or culottes. These items will keep you cool and comfortable while still looking put - together.

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7 . Capri pants are no longer fashionable.

Capri pants have been out of style for quite some time now, so it's time to get rid of them! If you want a pant that's both stylish and practical, try opting for cropped trousers or culottes instead. These items can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe .

There you have it! These 7 pant trends are officially out of style and should be removed from your closet immediately. But don't worry, we've got you covered with 7 stylish alternatives that will be all the rage in 2023! So go ahead and purge your closet of those outdated pieces and make room for some new wardrobe staples that will keep you looking chic all year long. Until Next Time!...XOXO 🍁🧡🍂

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