Tips to Make Sweaters More Fashionable

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Tips to Make Sweaters More Fashionable

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Winter is here, and that means it’s time to wear those cozy sweaters. But a women’s sweater doesn’t always enjoy a great reputation in fashion. There’s even a term ‘ugly sweater’ used frequently for those holiday sweaters. But jokes aside, these functional winter pieces aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fashion. 

However, things are changing as sweaters have become an important part of the winter wardrobe. Unlike jackets or coats, there’s more room to play with designs and colors in these knits. And if you need proof of it, just look at the runways from top European brands. 

Since not many of us can afford those uber-expensive sweaters from luxurious brands, we are giving you some handy tips to make women’s sweaters more stylish. 

Bring Some Patterns and Colors

Ok, who made this rule that sweaters have to be made dull and boring? Greys, beiges, and blacks seem to be the top colors when it comes to sweaters. Just kiss that notion goodbye and look for patterns and multicolor sweaters and sweatshirts. 

Especially if you plan on wearing the sweater as a top, you need to take the look to the next level. Go with classic animal patterns or something more abstract, anything that brings attention to the sweater. 

Not only will it do its job of keeping you comfy and warm, but it will also look extra stylish. There’s no harm in making the sweater the center of your look with some patterns or colors. 

Here’s a Zebra Print Sweater, a Tie Dye Stripe Sweater, and a Floral Sweater to give you some inspiration. 

Go with a Sweater Dress Instead

The easiest way to make your sweater more stylish is to simply increase its length and get rid of the bottoms. What we mean to say is that you can wear a sweater dress instead!

These knit dresses are so popular these days because they fit well into casual street fashion and provide a great winter feel too. It might not be warm enough on its own, so if you’re going outdoors and want to keep things real, just pair this dress with some leggings or thigh-high boots. 

You’ll notice that most of these sweater dresses have a relaxed silhouette, which shouldn’t be seen as a turnoff. Not only does that make it body-positive, it also allows you to wear layers underneath to keep warm. But if you want a more defined waist, just wear a wide belt. 

There are so many choices to choose from, like Color Block Sweater Dress and Gingham Sweater Dress.

Keep it Loose

A women’s sweater doesn’t have to be all fitted. Many women go for fitted silhouettes, thinking that sweaters being knit get loose over time. While that may be true, loose sweaters are all the rage these days. In fact, a relaxed silhouette has become the norm now.

So don’t go the extra mile to find something that fits you well. Instead, go for those sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweater dresses that have a relaxed fit. If you want a more street-style look, go for those bulky, oversized sweaters. 

Such loose, oversized sweaters usually aren’t great for layering, so make them the top layer of your look.

Add a Statement Necklace

In fashion, when in doubt, turn to jewelry. That’s a piece of advice we’d give everyone!

So for sweaters as well, use jewelry to accentuate them. For those simple knit sweaters in solid colors, the best way to take them up a notch is to wear a statement necklace. It can be anything really that suits your personal style. Similarly, you can also pick the length of your necklace. 

Don’t just stick with necklaces. If you think your look can use some earrings or bracelets as well, go for it. This is all the more important if you’re using the sweater for an evening look. 

Now, your statement necklace doesn’t have to be too chunky or shiny. If your personal style is more minimalist, go for something simple. Any piece that you choose should elevate the overall look. 

The Pearl and Gold Beaded Necklace is an example of subdued statement necklaces. On the other hand, the Beaded Chained Lace Choker is a great example of all-out statement jewelry that creates a lasting impression. 

Glam it with the Bottoms

When wearing sweaters, don’t ignore what you’re wearing them with. The bottoms don’t have to be a pair of skinny jeans. In fact, you can create evening looks out of solid sweaters like cable knit sweaters with the help of some stylish bottoms. 

Pleated skirts can work great with such sweaters, especially those with an assymetric hemline or those made with some exquisite fabric. 

Similarly, you can pair sweaters with printed pants. If you have a black, white, beige, or grey color sweater, you can pair it with some vibrant print. The print should, of course, complement the sweater and other pieces you may have on, like a top or jacket. 

Even if you’re wearing jeans, use different types to create different looks. With distressed jeans, you can create a casual look. But with regular flared jeans, you can create a business casual look that you can even rock at work. 


A women’s sweater is definitely a closet essential, as it’s one of those classic garments that can be worn every fall and winter season. However, it doesn’t hurt to style them up a bit and stay away from the usual mundane look. 

If you think about it, it’s really easy to elevate it. Even if you have those grandma sweaters, you can make them appear more fashionable with the help of the right accessories. 

Also, don’t forget to take care of your sweaters. They might not be like your expensive dresses, but they do deserve some care. So make sure you follow the washing, drying, and ironing instructions on their labels. 

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  • Olivia Smart

    Thank you for suggesting that you could go for a sweater that is more relaxed or oversized and use them as the top layer of your look. My daughter bought me a large sweater for Christmas and I’ve been wondering how I’m supposed to style it and wear it. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind and see if it might look better with something tighter underneath.

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