What to Wear With Crop Tank Tops? 💁‍♀️

Crop tops for women are a basic essential. Every woman has a few of them in their closet. While most may have those basic, solid ones they wear at home or to the gym, there are plenty of other slightly fancier options out there. But as most women wear them casually with leggings or shorts (for a sporty look), it can be hard to come up with more exciting looks using such a basic item. 

But worry not, as this ultimate guide to wearing crop tops will help you fix together a chic look using just a basic cropped tank top with different bottoms and, of course, some accessories. 

Low Cut Jeans

Whether you love it or hate it, the low-cut jeans trend is in full swing this year. The trend many of us said ‘never again’ to has come full circle, with many women readily adopting it. It’s not the most body-positive piece of garment, but it is sexy. 

But contrary to popular opinion, you don’t necessarily need a lean body to rock low-cut jeans. After all, isn’t body positivity about showing off those curves?

Even though crop tops are usually paired with high-rise jeans, you can pair them with low-cut jeans. If you don’t want to show off your midsection, pair it with a crop tank top with a lower hemline like the Ribbed Round Neck Tank Top.

Maxi Skirts

Since tank tops are typically fitted, they go well with other voluminous silhouettes. And what could be more flowy and breezy than a flared skirt?

You could choose any length according to your mood or the occasion. However, for evenings, a full-length maxi skirt with a generous hemline would look great. Even better, you can choose something printed or vibrant to turn out a slightly formal look. 

The Bohemian High-Waist Drawstring Skirt, with its floral pattern and embroidery, will elevate basic cropped tank tops for women. 


Give your humble cropped tank top a bold new look with a corset belt. Since it’s cropped, it’ll fit beneath the corset just fine. And besides, corsets are the biggest trend right now!

Don’t go for an overbust corset, as that won’t look very appealing with the wide straps and neckline of the tank. Go with something that sits under the best, like the Privy Under-bust Corset Belt. It is such a dynamic accessory that can lift up any basic top, including a tank top. 

For bottoms for this look, you can choose between straight-leg pants or a fitted skirt. 

Stacked Necklaces

If you have a cropped tank top that’s not too basic but not too fancy either, you can layer it with some necklaces. Long, simple chains will do the job, but you can also throw in some pendants or beads. 

For instance, the Zenana Basic Comforts Cropped Tank Top is perfect for stacking necklaces with. And if you’re looking for some necklace inspiration, check out the Heartbeat Triple-Layer Heart Pendant Necklace

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