Your Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Swimsuits

While the variety of clothing for plus size women has increased lately with brands embracing more inclusivity, swimwear is one department still lacking in choices. So those beautiful curvier ladies do not have as many choices when it comes to swimsuits. But the good news is that Jenston Girl has the best plus size swimsuit for you!

That’s not all! Through this guide, we’ll help you put together the best swimsuit look using appropriate pieces and embracing the new trends. 

Swim Suit Styles for Plus Women

Just because you have a large waist and a curvy silhouette doesn’t mean that you cannot show skin while wearing swimwear. At the same time, if you’re more comfortable wearing something over a swimsuit or perhaps a bathing suit that offers more cover-up, go for it. 

Swimwear is ultimately about functionality more than the aesthetic, but it doesn’t hurt to look hot, does it? With that said, here are some swimsuit styles plus size women can enjoy:

One-Piece Swim Suits - Jenston Girl

One-Piece Swim Suits

One-piece swimsuits are the most popular choice with plus size women. Firstly, these pieces are practical and comfortable. Secondly, one-piece swimsuits streamline the silhouette, enhancing the curves and adjusting proportions. 

And since these swimsuits use more fabric as compared to, say, a bikini, you can play with prints and patterns. For instance, the Two-Tone Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit combines a beautiful leaf pattern with a contrasting solid bottom half. 


Tankinis are becoming incredibly popular these days, especially with plus size women. This kind of women’s swimwear features a tank top with a bikini. Unlike a traditional bikini top, the tank top is way more versatile and offers more coverage while still providing the comfort of movement. 

The extra support from the tank top of the swimsuit keeps you cinched in and comfortable, accentuating the top half silhouette while you flaunt your legs. The Gradient Crisscross Strappy Tankini Set is the perfect example of how a tankini can look flattering on a plus size woman. 

Swimming Shorts

Why is it that only men get to wear shorts in a pool or at the beach? Women can wear shorts too and look even better. Well, plus size women are proving just that by going with shorts for swimsuit. These are similar to boy shorts in lingerie, except the fabric is water-resistant, quick-dry, and the silhouette rather fitted. 

These swim shorts for women can be paired with a bikini top like the Plus Size Drawstring Detail Two-Piece Swimsuit, or they can be paired with a tankini top too. 

There aren’t that many swimwear brands or retailers making or carrying swim shorts for women, but you can find a decent variety of such styles on Jenston Girl. 

Vintage Bikini

Believe it or not but those high-waist vintage bikinis are back in trend. However, now the styles are more interesting. Those dull and ill-fitted bikinis your grandma used to wear have seen major improvements. In fact, there’s even an element of sexy now with straps and mesh fabrics. 

For plus size women, these vintage-style bikinis are even more suitable. They provide more back and hip coverage, adding to the support. There are so many styles to choose from. The Plus Size Drawstring Detail Bikini Set comes in so many vibrant prints, including the classic leopard, and features those vintage-style bikinis. 


Choosing the Right Plus Size Swimsuit

Choosing the Right Plus Size Swimsuit

Well, there’s no rocket science to choosing swimwear, really, because it just comes down to what you believe you look good in and what makes you feel comfortable. However, that all said, there are a few things you might want to consider. 


The swimsuit you choose should be quite stretchy but at the same time not too lightweight. Even though plus size swimsuits are designed for curvier women, if the fabric is cheap, it won’t last very long. 

It’s best to pay attention to the composition of the fabric and see how much spandex or lycra (the common stretchy elements in swimwear) is used. 


Showing off skin at the beach can be liberating, but it’s ultimately you who decides what you’re most comfortable in. Many plus size women prefer swimwear that provides more coverage than a traditional bikini. 

As mentioned earlier, swimsuit styles like tankinis and shorts provide a lot more coverage while still maintaining the stylish look and functionality of the fabric. 

Wired Top

Many plus size swimsuits feature tops with underwires to add support. While this is totally a personal preference, going with a wired swimsuit top can be suitable for busty women. You may be at the beach or near the pool for hours, and having that extra support would just do wonders. So if you find such an option more feasible, go for it by all means!


The good thing about swimsuits is that they are made of stretchy materials, which can help give you a more streamlined silhouette regardless of your natural body shape (oval, hourglass, pear, etc.)

By using a particular swimsuit style, you can work with your proportions to create a flattering silhouette. For instance, if you don’t have a pronounced waist, you can wear a one-piece to cinch it in and create a curvy hourglass shape. 

Some More Tips to Help You Find the Best Plus Size Swimsuit

Here are some more swimwear tips for our curvy ladies:

  • Pay attention to sizes because swimwear sizes are a bit different from regular clothing sizes (check the size guide of the website or store you’re buying from).
  • Don’t go with boring solid swimwear and play with prints and design details. 
  • Invest in a quality swimsuit that doesn’t fray or stretch out the minute you wear it. 
  • When in doubt, go with a high-waist bikini or one-piece swimsuit, as these are classics that you can never go wrong with. 
  • Don’t go for those strappy swimsuits and bikinis because they are a nightmare to tie sometimes. 
  • Also, invest in a cover-up or kaftan to wear over your swimsuit for that perfect resort vibe!

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